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Adopted!  Hermes was adopted from a breeder in Colorado as a puppy.  Because his family was nervous about his interactions with their cats, he was relinquished to us.  He is now learning how to socialize with other dogs at King’s Kastle.  He was initially snarky with some of the other dogs, but he has improved greatly.  He still doesn’t like it when he is on a couch and another dog gets up, but he responds to correction well.  Hermes is almost 4 years old. 
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Adopted!Mac is a 4 year old red male.  He’s a happy, confident boy, however he is afraid of slick floors, so area rugs or runners will help him in homes with wood or tile floors.  
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 Adopted! Kate is a 4 1/2 year old red and white retired racing greyhound.  She has an old hock injury which causes her to limp after she has been running around.  She will probably need anti-inflammatory meds from time to time.  Kate is a happy, confident dog.  
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