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Raleigh is a 6-year old male Scottish Deerhound who was reliquished because of the health of the owner.  Raleigh is a very sweet, laid-back guy who walks well on leash.  He is doing well with all of the other dogs in the pack at King’s Kastle, although he should not live with cats.  He is neutered and current on all vaccinations.
His adoption will go through the Scottish Deerhound Rescue group, so if you are interested, let us know and we will have someone from their organization get in touch with you.
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Adopted! Hilal is a young Saluki male who recently arrived from Dubai.
This is what his foster family had to say about him.  “Hilal is the greatest dog: funny, smart, playful, very friendly and always very happy! He is a confident and independent spirit who loves discovering things on his own, including what’s on the kitchen counter or which pretty blonde retriever girl passes by the fence. Because he is very active and inquisitive, he will definitely need serious playmates that mean business. When he is finished with his cardio workouts, Hilal loves cuddling with his humans or snoozing with his fellow canines. His adorable character will make even the saddest or grumpiest person smile and laugh out loud. Being in Hilal’s pack is a much more potent mood enhancer than any trendy antidepressant. If we didn’t have two big dogs already, we would not let him go. We hope to hear from this handsome guy with the “cabbage ears” once in a while from sunny California! “
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Keira is about 2 years old and is a hound mix, maybe some whippet?  She was found after being hit by a car in Korea.  Although no bones were broken, she had damage to skin and underlying tissue.  We are also treating her for heartworms.  She is a happy, wiggly, playful, affectionate girl, gets along with everything and everybody.  She is a puller on leash, so she’ll require a no-pull harness or a Halti for a while.  She would be great with kids.  If she plays too hard, her leg starts bothering her, so she will need occasional rest periods.  
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Hassan is a 1-year old cream Saluki/Greyhound mix who recently arrived from Dubai.  He is shy and will do best in a home with another dog and and adopter with sighthounds experience.  Stay tuned for more temperament info.

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Adopted! Bebe – 2 year old small female.  She is shy and will do best in a home with another dog.  Stay tuned for temperament profile.  
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4 Puppies

There are 2 brindle males (Jessie & Sammy) and 2 red fawn females (Naomi & Winnie) They are either greyhound or greyhound/saluki mix puppies.  They are estimated to be  4 to 4 1/2 months old.  Stay tuned for more info. 


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