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Beze is an energetic 10 month-old girl who loves to run and play with toys.  Like her brother Rocco, she walks well on leash after some initial excitement.  She has also learned “sit”, “shake hands”, and “lie down”.  She can get overstimilated and intense when playing with other dogs, but it is easy to get her to calm down.  She is fine being crated for a few hours.  Beze is a curious, playful, loving dog.  She will do best in an active family who can provide lots of exercise and who has another playful dog.  She is doing well with all of the other dogs at King’s Kastle.
May 24th, 2017|Available dogs|


Rocco is a sweet 10 month-old boy who is housebroken and walks well on leash.  He is part borzoi, which may explain why he will sit – and even shake hands!  Although he is an active boy and can become overexcited (typical puppy play), he does respond to correction to “settle down”.  He goes into his crate easily and can be crated for a few hours with no issues.  He loves to cuddle and is a loving dog.  Rocco will do best in an active family who has another dog.  He is doing well with all of the other dogs at King’s Kastle.
May 24th, 2017|Available dogs|

Human Race Fundraiser update!

Thanks to all of the participants, donors, and sponsors who supported us in the May 6th Human Race of Sonoma County!  It was a beautiful day for a walk and the greyhounds tolerated their solar powered outfits well (at least most did).  The wind disarranged the greyhound’s solar panels from time to time, but they were a big hit with the judges – we won the best canine costumes again this year!  The press also loved them, as judged by 3 of the 30 photos in the Press Democrat coverage being of our greyhounds!  Check it out at:
 Special thanks to the businesses who sponsored us:  Solar companies Simply Solar and Sunrise Solar, veterinary hospitals Animal Hospital of Sebastopol, Northtown Veterinary Hospital, and Wine Country Veterinary Hospital, and dentist Robert Gilbaugh, DDS.

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Charity Walk – May 6th

It’s that time again!  This year’s Human Race theme is Innovation, so Jon and Ilene are working on costumes for the greyhound participants and t-shirts for their humans.

The Human Race is one of our biggest fundraiser, so please join us for this walk if you can and get your friends, family, and acquaintances to support you!  If you can’t join us for the walk, you can still help us raise donations by setting up your own fundraising page.  You can go to the Human Race page (, then click on the “Sign Up Now” button.  Just fill in your personal information, choose Greyhound Friends for Life as the group you are supporting, then add a photo and a short blurb on why you are asking people to support you and the group.  If you have trouble doing this, get in touch with Barbara (, Jon ( or Ilene ( and we can walk you through it.

To make sure that we have enough t-shirts and costumes, please let Jon or Ilene know that you will be participating in the walk.

Thank you!

Check the Events page for time and location details.


May 14th, 2017|Help the Hounds|


Oliver, a handsome 6-year old greyhound/borzoi mix, was returned to us because of severe separation anxiety after he lost his two greyhound buddies and moved into a new home.  Oliver’s Mom can’t have another dog where she is living, so it was definitely in his best interest for him to come back to us.  This snuggle-bunny needs to be in a home with another greyhound or two.  He is fine with small dogs and cat testing is underway.

April 30th, 2017|Available dogs|

Anna Banana

Anna Banana got her new name because on her way home with Mike, she carefully pealed a banana that was on the front seat and ate it!  We think that Anna is part greyhound and part lab.  She is definitely stockier than a greyhound and has a very lab-like tail.  She s the sweetest and most affectionate dog you will ever meet, although you will need to work with her countersurfing! We estimate her age to be about 6 or 7 years old.  She does well with small dogs and cat testing is underway.

April 30th, 2017|Available dogs|


Mickey is a 4-5 year old boy who recently arrived from Korea.  He was in a foster home with small dogs and did well with all of them.  We will be doing testing with Sirius the cat.  He is a happy and affectionate boy who will make a great companion!

April 30th, 2017|Available dogs|

April 2017 Newsletter

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April 12th, 2017|News|

Mutt Lynch Wine Benefits GFFL

Mutt Lynch Wine Benefits GFFL


Mutt Lynch has released a new 2014 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon with a custom greyhound wine label (image created by Patrick Holt), adapted especially by Mutt Lynch to celebrate and honor the work we do.

For each $25 bottle of this wine sold, 25% of the purchase price will be donated to Greyhound Friends for Life. It’s a fantastic wine and an even more awesome label – most of you will recognize it from our t-shirts!

To order this wine please visit: Greyhound Friends for Life Wine Purchase


February 24th, 2017|GFFL Merchandise|


Adopted!  Shams is a 5-6 year old greyhound that was found in a ditch with old wounds and old stitches undone. He had to be carried into the car and we honestly thought he would not survive. He spent over a month in the vet hospital and as soon as he could get out, we could not believe the transformation. He is a lovely greyhound that would do well in a home with kids. He is very loving and attentive to kids as young as 4 years old. His foster home in Dubai is a family with a young son and whippets and a senior italian greyhound. He is fine with other dogs, especially whippets, salukis and greyhounds and is crate trained. He has done well with the other dogs in the pack at King’s Kastle.  He is not cat-safe. He loves his off leash runs (in a fenced area) and is easy to train. He loves his food! He is fairly calm and easy at home. He should be fine as an only dog – like most greyhounds, he is people-oriented although he probably is comforted by the presence of other dogs.

February 22nd, 2017|Adopted Dogs|


Adopted!  Tarban is a 9 month old saluki who was rescued in Abu Dhabi shortly before he boarded the flight to the United States.  He has had his ears cut off and is very shy, but he is a beautiful dog and is very snuggly when he feels safe.  He is very skittish with all of the new sights, sounds, and smells, and has not had any leash experience.  He will need a sighthound-savvy adopter with lots of love and patience.  Cat testing is under way.

Sponsored by Enrico & Gary

February 22nd, 2017|Adopted Dogs|