Nick is an affectionate, social dog who was returned to us because of guarding his home when people visited.  He was fine with people outside his home environment.  Because Tug Dogs works with dogs in a home environment, Nick was sent there for rehabilitation work.  He has shown no guarding behavior at Tug Dogs and will be going to a foster home close to Tug Dogs until he finds his forever home.  He is 3 1/2 years old and get along with other dogs.

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80 is a handsome 6 year old boy who was relinquished to us when his owner became ill and could no longer care for him.  He is very affectionatge when he gets to know you, but is initially cautious.  He will need to develop some confidence and will do best in a home with a confident female greyhound and adopters willing to work with him.  He is easy to handle and walks well on leash.  He’s a sweetie!  Curious about his name?  Look at the spots on his left side!

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Essie was a stray who was adopted from the Stockton shelter.  While this nice family loved her dearly, they have cats and she is not cat safe.  They got in touch with us and asked us to find a cat-free home for her.  We think that Essie is about 4-6 years old.  She is fine with smaller dogs and walks well on leash.  She is very loving and affectionate and would love to be in a home where either someone is home a good part of the time, or in a home with another dog if the family works during the day.

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Eos is a 3-4 year old greyhound/saluki mix from Dubai.  He is a very gentle, sweet, low-key kind of guy.  He gets along with the other dogs in the pack.  He is not safe with cats.
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Eden is 3-4 year old mostly greyhound girl from Dubai, but her ears do show a hint of saluki!  She is an easy-going, affectionate girl who gets along with the other dogs in the pack.  No cat testing yet.
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Charlie was found as a stray in the central valley.  He’s a big, young, greyhound mix, about 90 pounds.  He is a sweetie and he clearly wants to bond to humans.  He’s skittish of new things – we tried to bathe him, but the spray terrified him.   We’ll keep working on him  and I’m sure that he will gain confidence.
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Hero is a young (1-2 years old) greyhound mix who arrived recently from Korea.  He went into a foster home following his neuter surgery.  This is what the foster Mom had to say about him:  “Hero is super fun and loooooves to play with squeaky toys or just carry them around. He does steal jackets or sweaters he finds along the way but only to drag them next to his dog bed but will leave them there – he doesn’t chew them. And be forewarned, this boy will steal your couch!  Hero has not had much experience walking on a leash, so he will need some leash training.  He gets very excited when seeing other dogs. Don’t believe there is any aggression in it, more like ‘I want to play with this dog!’  Because of his excitement, I walk him with both a harness and a martingale collar.”
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