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//Adopted Dogs


Adopted!  Shoukri is a gorgeous Saluki male who recently arrived from Dubai.  He is about a year old and has LOTS of energy!  He is enjoying playing in the pack with the other dogs and will need a home with a large yard, another active dog, and a family who will start puppy training and make sure that he gets lots of exercise.

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Adopted! Ishii is a young male greyhound, about 1 year old, who recently arrived from the Stanislaus County shelter.  He is very friendly and affectionate, but will need some training on good leash behavior.  Because he is such a youngster, he will also need a lot of exercise.  He would do well in a home with another playful dog and a large yard for doing zoomies.  Stay tuned for more information about interactions with small dogs and cats.

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Adopted!  Ray is a 2-year old male who recently arrived from Korea, along with his reported littermate, Rose.  Ray is doing well with the other dogs in the pack.  He is a sweet boy but our guess is that he has never had experience with a collar and leash.  We’ll be using a gentle leader or canni collar to work on the pulling behavior.

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 Adopted! Ziva is a 3 year old black female.  Ziva will do best in home with another dog.  Stay tuned for cat & small dog testing results.

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 Adopted!  Blitzen is a US tattooed greyhound who somehow ended up in a shelter in Dubai.  We are thrilled to have him back!  This sweet boy is 7 years old and has a white streak on his nose and 4 white socks.  He is doing really well in the pack with other dogs and we will be testing him soon with kitties.

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