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Gray is a year old greyhound mix – maybe borzoi or wolfhound.  He is a happy. goofy, affectionate boy with lots of energy.  But he is responsive to training and his previous adopter worked with him on some obedience skills such as sit, lay down, shake.  He is housebroken,  likes his crate, and sleeps in his crate at night.  He is food-motivated, which is great for training, but not for food left on the counter…  

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Woody is a 4-5 year old boy who came to us from Korea.  This affectionate boy with golden eyes loves attention and is more interested in people than in other dogs.  He will do well in a home with one other dog, or as an only dog.  He doesn’t really like all the commotion of the other dogs in the pack, so dog parks would not be much fun for him.  Cat testing is underway. 

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 Oliver, a handsome 6-year old greyhound/borzoi mix, was returned to us because of severe separation anxiety after he lost his two greyhound buddies and moved into a new home.  Oliver’s Mom can’t have another dog where she is living, so it was definitely in his best interest for him to come back to us.  This snuggle-bunny needs to be in a home with another greyhound or two.  He is fine with small dogs and cat testing is underway.

Sponsored in memory of Lucy.

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Chevy is a Saluki that was rescued in Dubai more than a year ago.  His front legs were deformed because of malnutrition and running in the desert while his bones were still forming.  He has been through 5 surgeries and can now run with the best of them!  He is about 3 years old and is good with other medium to large dogs, children, and perhaps even cats if they will stand their ground.  He was in a foster home in Dubai for over a year and is currently in a foster home with a German Shepherd in the Santa Rosa area.
Sponsored by Brad and Lisa Pfeifer!
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