Available dogs

//Available dogs


Raleigh is a 6-year old male Scottish Deerhound who was reliquished because of the health of the owner.  Raleigh is a very sweet, laid-back guy who walks well on leash.   He needs a home where he will be the only dog.  He is not cat safe.
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Larry is a 2-3 year old greyhound/Great Pyrenees mix who came to us from a shelter in Southern California.  Maybe related to Darla and Ralph??  I would say yes, given that we’ve never seen greyhound/GP mixes before!  Larry is an affectionate leaner who loves belly rubs.  He did well in cat testing.
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Verity is a 9 year old female who arrived on March 20th from the Canidrome track in Macau. She has done well in cat testing but occasionally tracks some of the smaller dogs at Kings Kastle.

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 Lettie is a 6 year old female from the Canidrome in Macau who arrived on January 23rd.  She is affectionate with people, but has a high prey drive. She should not live with cats or small dogs.   She is currently in a foster home with a male greyhound and doing well.  She still likes to spend time in her crate but is enjoying the fuffy dog beds too.

Update 2/20:  Foster mom say’s Lettie loves following her greyhound foster brother everywhere and hanging out with either him or foster parents.  Lettie’s ideal home is with another large dog or with someone who works from home.   

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 Cosmic is an 8 year old girl from the Canidrome in Macau who arrived on January 23rd.  She is a happy, friendly girl with a high prey drive.  She walks nice on leash and enjoys walking with other dogs.  She loves playing with toys and will toss them all around.   Cosmic needs a home where she will be an only  dog.  She is not a candidate for dog parks.  She is not cat safe.

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Casey is a year old GSD/sighthound mix from the Placer shelter. Casey is a happy, easy going boy who has done well with the other dogs in the pack. He is a young boy, so he will need some additional leash work, but he already knows some commands, like sit, stay. He’s a smart dog!  Casey has done well in cat testing.  

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