Available dogs

//Available dogs


Abby is a small 5-year old fawn galga girl who arrived from Scooby, Spain on April 25th.  She was in a home for about 6 months but was returned due to unforeseen family circumstances.  Abby still remains a fairly shy girl and will do best in a home with another dog.  She is very sweet and gentle, and is getting along well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle.  Abby did well in cat testing! 
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Pongo is a 6-year old galgo who arrived at Scooby in May.  Pongo is an omega male who was bullied by the other dogs who made it hard for him to get any food.  We’re working on putting weight on him.  He loves getting attention and will be an affectionate companion.  He is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle. Pongo did well in his first round of cat testing.  We will be retesting him soon.    
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Nena is a petite 6 year old galga who arrived at Scooby in February.  She is a sweet girl,  who is already showing a spark of playfulness.  Nena got along well with other dogs at Scooby and is doing well in the pack at King’s Kastle.   She finds comfort in the other dogs and will need a home with another dog,  She did well in her first round of cat testing.  We will be retesting her soon.  

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Adoption Pending! Bo is an 11 year old greyhound/borozi/deerhound mix was surrendered to us because of major changes in his owner’s life.  He is very affectionate and would like nothing more than being petted all day!  And look at those ears!  He is doing well with the other dogs in the pack and lived with a cat when he was younger.  Bo did well in cat testing and should be able to live with cats.  

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Tessa is whippet mix estimated to be 2-3 years old.  She was picked up as a stray in the central valley.  Tessa is a shy girl, and is eager to have loving home that will help her blossom.  

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Mia is a 6-year old red brindle greyhound who was at HemoPet for several years before going to Susan Acevas at Amazing Greys.  Because of health issues, Susan needs to find a new home for her.  Mia has no pancreatic enzymes, so she needs to have a sprinkling of these enzymes on her food twice a day in order to absorb the nutrients from her food.  Mia is affectionate and loves to get cuddles. She loves riding in the car/truck and  will race to it when it’s time for an outing.  When you sing her name, she starts to dance and will join in any sing-a-longs (roo-fests)!  She is housetrained.  Mia should not live with cats or very small dogs. 

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 Brooke is a 10 year old girl who arrived on November 14 from the Canidrome track in Macau.  She is amazingly spry for her age!  She’s showing a lot of interest in the little dogs right now, so we’ll be doing some careful integration into the pack over the next few days.  Brooke should not live with cats. 
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Lucky is a 6 1/2 year old female who arrived on November 14 from the Canidrome track in Macau.  She has great forward-flopping ears and is a very friendly girl.  Stay tuned for temperament information and interactions with other dogs and cats. 
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Wallace is a 5 year old male who arrived on November 14 from the Canidrome track in Macau.  He is a happy boy who does some pulling on leash, but he may just be happy to be out of a crate!  Wallace should not lives with cats.   
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