Available dogs

//Available dogs


 Flash is a happy, active, affectionate 4-year old boy who loves people!  His ideal home will be one with a yard for some exerecise and a good walk a day.   Older kids (10 or older) will be fine.  He will need a firm hand and consistent house rules (no couches or beds).  After initial on-leash pulling because he’s excited to go, he settles down and is a good walker.  He is doing really well with all of the other dogs at King’s Kastle. 
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Timon is a handsome black boy who recently arrived from Scooby, Spain.  Despite his distinguished white facial fur, he is estimated to be only about 3 years old.  Timon was a very scared, timid boy when he arrived at Scooby a year or so ago, but the staff there has done great work getting him to be more trusting of people.  He will be initially timid but will be a fabulous companion for a family willing to go slow and gradually introduce him to new sights, smells, and people.  Having another dog to learn from will be helpful. 
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Sahm is a very sweet, gentle boy who is 7 years old.  He was in a foster home in Dubai for a year before coming to us.  He was great with the kids in the foster home and is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle.  He would do great in a home with older kids having another dog, or a family where someone is home much of the time.  Stay tuned for cat testing. 
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Filina is a small 3-year old back girl who arrived from Scooby, Spain on April 25th.  She is very sweet and very playful – she loves flinging toys around, then jumping to try to catch them in mid-air!  She is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle.  Stay tuned for cat testing!  
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Harley is an almost 2 year old boy from Dubai.  He was in a foster home in Dubai before coming to us, and he was dearly loved there.  He is a playful, silly guy who will need an active family to get him plenty of exercise and playtime.  He will do best in a home with another dog.  He is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle.  Stay tuned for cat testing. 
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Aurin is a lovely 6-year old brindle boy from Scooby, Spain.  Aurin is initially timid with new people and new situations, but warms up quickly.  He is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle.  Stay tuned for cat testing.
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 Nick is an affectionate, social dog who was returned to us because of guarding his home when people visited.  He was fine with people outside his home environment.  Because Tug Dogs works with dogs in a home environment, Nick was sent there for rehabilitation work.  He has shown no guarding behavior at Tug Dogs and will be going to a foster home close to Tug Dogs until he finds his forever home.  He is 3 1/2 years old and get along with other dogs.

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 Virgil is a 2 year old black male.  This playful boy will do best in a home with a yard, where someone is home a good part of the time.  This youngster will benefit from some obedience training.

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