GFFL’s Partnership with Scooby, Spain

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In April, 2014, we announced that we were entering into a partnership with Scooby, the well-known Galgo rescue organization in Spain.   GFFL adopter Margie Easter has been facilitating the partnership and usually brings dogs back from her volunteer time at Scooby once or twice a year. Adopters Sheryl Owyang and Victor Quan brought our first two galgos, Bonnie and Juanillo, to us in October 2014. Since then, we have brought in 5 more (Bond, Calisto, Cuco, Morena, Pepe), with a new boy, Guelo, arriving at the end of November.

Scooby started in 1987 as a shelter, providing refuge for the stray cat and dog population and numerous galgos discarded, mainly by the local coursing fraternity in the area of Medina del Campo, Valladolid. Scooby was founded and is led by honorary President Fermín Pérez, a science teacher at the main senior school in Medina del Campo.

Tens of thousands of galgos are bred annually in Spain, in the hopes of producing the national coursing champion. Medina del Campo is the focal point for those with coursing interests in Spain. Many galgueros (breeders and owners of galgos) live in Medina and the surrounding areas. Since Fermín made the world aware of the galgo situation, the association has grown throughout the years. What began in old ruins, with bed frames as fencing, and an old warehouse without electricity, hear, or water, has moved and grown into a new, large refuge sanctuary, all with the help of international supporters and volunteers, dedicated to Scooby and its important work. Over the years, the galgueros have started bringing their unwanted galgos to Scooby after the hunting season. On average, Scooby houses about 450 dogs, mainly galgos. From there, Scooby re-homes the galgos and mixed-breed dogs via partner organizations, mainly in Europe and North America.

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