Shoe Drive!!!

//Shoe Drive!!!
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Shoe Drive Fundraiser for Greyhound Friends for Life

Due to the Sonoma Fires, we had put our Shoe Drive on hold.  We are relaunching our drive as of 11/12/2017 and will run it through to January 15, 2018.  Please help us reach our goal of 200 bags (we have already collected 100) to reach our final goal of 300 bags with 25 pairs in each bag.


This Shoe Drive is a fundraiser that lets you clean up your shoe closet to make room for all those Fall/Winter shoes you will want to buy. It will also help raise money for GFFL, and provides a means of income for small businesses in developing countries.  Talk about a win-win-win proposition!

We have set up a partnership between GFFL and Funds2Orgs for this fundraiser.  It will run for 3 months, with an official kickoff of Tuesday, August 1 and will run through October 31st.

Here is what we are looking to accomplish. Our goal is to collect 300 bags with 25 pairs of new or gently used shoes in each bag over the next couple of months.
What we are asking from you….  Collect shoe donations from anyone and anywhere you can.   Advertise, share, reach out to your local thrift shop to see if they will donate what they can’t sell.  Go to your local shoe store see if they will donate returned shoes or what they can’t sell, if you belong to a running club ask your fellow runners, collect from your local gym, or any other idea you can come up with.  Below is a link to our Social Media banner, you can share it far and wide and encourage your friends to share.  The more shoes we collect, the more money that is raised for GFFL to continue their efforts to rescue retired Greyhounds.
Our local Meet & Greet venues can be a local drop off spot (they are also listed under events), or, if you have a lot of shoes from friends and neighbors and run out of storage space, send us an email at and we’ll arrange to get them.
Here is the link for our landing page.
We appreciate your donation!