Your purchase of any of these greyt items will benefit Greyhound Friends for Life's greyhound rescue, adoption, and advocacy work!

2014 Calendars

Wall calendars featuring former racing greyhounds adopted through GFFL and desk diaries and calendars from Celebrating Greyhounds will be available at the reunion on October 6th, and from Norm Simmons thereafter!  Stay tuned for photos!



November Pet Bed Special!
For those of you thinking about getting a new dog bed, this is a great opportunity! As soon as I heard about these beds from Shana, I was intrigued, having just thrown away several of my old, soiled dog beds. 

The entire bed can be washed, not just the cover! The inventors of Wash ‘n Zip Pet Bed have created a revolutionary new bed design unlike anything else on the market! This brief video shows how it works watch?v=5o0-Akcqixc&feature=em- share_video_user.

Shana and Pam F have purchased these beds (and I have ordered one), and based on their recommendations, the inventors of the Wash ‘n Zip have selected GFFL as their November “Rescue Group of the Month,” which means they will be donating $5 to our group for each bed they sell through their website in the month of November! If you’d like to get one yourself and help raise funds for GFFL, you can do so at and enter the discount code “GFFL” to save 10% on your purchase.


Bark Stix

Didn't your greyhound just love the Bark Stix treats that came in your adoption bag of goodies? Now you can order more directly from Bark Stix - click on the link to make sure that you don't run out! Bark Stix treats are made right here in the bay area by two of our GFFL adopters – Kate and Mim, Bark Stix's co-owners. Recommended by Whole Dog Journal, Bark Magazine, Claudia Presto of the Greyhound Gang, and by many happy pets and their guardians. 10% of the sales from the GFFL website are donated to GFFL!

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