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Adopted! Raleigh is a 6-year old male Scottish Deerhound who was reliquished because of the health of the owner.  Raleigh is a very sweet, laid-back guy who walks well on leash.   He needs a home where he will be the only dog.  He is not cat safe.
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Adopted! Cabo is a US greyhound who arrived on May 4 from Dubai.  He is a quiet, gentle dog who is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle and has also done well in cat testing.
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Adopted! Casper is a fun, active, and affectionate whippet/Saluki mix who arrived on May from Dubai.  He has just turned 5.  He is doing well with the other dogs at King’s Kastle and has done well in cat testing.
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Adopted! Jerry is Larry’s brother and is another affectionate leaner.  Jerry has done well with most of the other dogs in the pack at King’s Kastle, with the exception of one of the un-neutered males.  He did not do well in his first cat test, but we will be retesting.
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Adopted! Larry is a 2-3 year old greyhound/Great Pyrenees mix who came to us from a shelter in Southern California.  Larry is an affectionate leaner who loves belly rubs.  He will do best in a home with someone who is home most of the time.  Another dog for companionship would be ideal.  He did well in cat testing.
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Adopted! Esteban,  a male Galgo,  arrived 4/30 from Scooby, Spain.  He is 3 1/2 years old and is a happy and affectionate dog.  Because he had a wound that opened up during his travels, he has not been introduced to the pack.  Although he did well with cats during an overnight stay, he was interested in the cat during his first cat test at King’s Kastle.  We will be retesting.  
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Adopted! Pumuki is a male Galgo.  He arrived 4/30 from Scooby, Spain. Pumuki turned 5 in February.  He is doing well with small dogs and cats.  Very gentle and sweet boy, but will need slow introductions to new noises and sights.
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