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Adopted! Layla is a 6 year old greyhound.  She was recently surrendered by her owner because he had to move into a home that had small dogs & cats and she did not get along with them.  Layla likes to take long walks and will gladly take a few a day.  She prefers to hang out on her dog bed near people.  She will do best in a home where someone is home most of the time.  No kids or other animals.

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Annette is a 4 year-old beautiful black fuzzy Staghound. She enjoys the companionship of other dogs, but is fearful of people. She is looking for a special home where the new family will give her time and patience adapting to home life. Her new home must have a fully fenced backyard and another dog to teach her how wonderful being a family member can be. A home where someone is home most of the time, even after COVID, will also be important. She has made small step in becoming more trusting in foster care. Annette has a curious, playful side. With lots of care and love she will surely blossom. A home without kids & cats will be best.   Annette is a special needs dog, prior sighthound experience is a must.  Her new home will need to be in Northern CA.

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Adopted! Razza is a 1 year old female “Wadi dog” who recently arrived from Oman.  She is a medium size dog, about 35 pounds.   She started out being fairly reserved but has come quickly out of her shell.   She plays well with the 2 male Saluki’s in her foster home.   Foster mom said ” Razza is a very smart, happy girl who would enjoy a home with a yard so she can run, jump and play”  Razza tested well with the cat.

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2021 Celebrating Greyhounds Desk Calendar

Do you like a calendar at your finger tips?  The Celebrating Greyhounds Desk Calendar is here!

The Greyhound Project, creates this beautiful, high quality Celebrating Greyhounds weekly desk diary for adoption groups, so that we can sell them during fundraisers.

Supplies will not last long, order yours today!!

You can purchase from our store, link below

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