BEST_logoIn the early days of GFFL, between 1,500 and 2,000 greyhounds were fostered at Barbara Eineichner’s ranch in Gilroy. In addition to providing care for the dogs coming from the tracks, she was devoted to the older and special-needs greyhounds. Because of this, our Sanctuary Sponsor program was renamed B.E.S.T., the Barbara Eineichner Sighthound Trust program.

Once greyhounds get into the rescue system, most find a wonderful “forever” home with new adoptive parents. Others, however, may require special help and sanctuary from Greyhound Friends for Life’s (GFFL) BEST program.

GFFL makes a life-time commitment to all greyhounds that come into our organization. GFFL provides care for returned greyhounds as well as those from other situations where our intervention is needed. Unfortunately, some dogs are not easily adoptable because of advanced age or serious medical problems. Although the long-term foster dogs live in a home environment with their foster parents, expenses are paid by GFFL. At any given time, we may have between 12 and 18 dogs receiving some level of support from the program. In 2013, the BEST Fund provided over $15,000.00 in support of the long-term foster dogs in the program. As veterinary expenses mount year after year, so does our need for funds to support this program.

How can you help? Sign up to sponsor a long-term foster greyhound! The BEST program is an opportunity for GFFL friends who have room in their hearts, but not in their homes, to make a tremendous difference through sponsorship.

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These donations are tax deductible and go a long way to ensuring that every GFFL greyhound is guaranteed a home – for life.