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Adopted! Layla is a 6 year old greyhound.  She was recently surrendered by her owner because he had to move into a home that had small dogs & cats and she did not get along with them.  Layla likes to take long walks and will gladly take a few a day.  She prefers to hang out on her dog bed near people.  She will do best in a home where someone is home most of the time.  No kids or other animals.

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Adopted! Razza is a 1 year old female “Wadi dog” who recently arrived from Oman.  She is a medium size dog, about 35 pounds.   She started out being fairly reserved but has come quickly out of her shell.   She plays well with the 2 male Saluki’s in her foster home.   Foster mom said ” Razza is a very smart, happy girl who would enjoy a home with a yard so she can run, jump and play”  Razza tested well with the cat.

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Adopted!  Dobby is a 18 week old male pup.  He is a happy playful pup.  Dobby has sooooooo much energy,  there is a small black dot in the center of his head.  We say its an “on” button, so far there is no off.  Loveable for sure.  Do you have lots of time to train this cutie?  He needs are large running space and a family that knows how to tire out a pup.

He will need a home with a fully fenced yard and someone who is home most of the time.  A home with another dog to socialize and play with would be ideal.

DNA results are 37.5%Greyhound 25%German Shorthaired Pointer 25%Pointer 12.5%Breed Group(s)• Guard• Sporting• Terrier


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Adopted!  Tommy is a greyhound mix.  DNA test results show he is 50% greyhound 25% chihuahua and 25% mixed breed.  He’s a short guy who weights around 40 pounds.  He is estimated to be 6 years old.  He is good with dogs and cats.     He likes to take lazy naps on the sofa. Tommy would enjoy a home where somewhere is there most of the time.

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Adopted! Liwan is a Saluki boy estimated to be 1 1/2 years old.    Liwan had a rough start to life, in Dubai he was found tied to a pole and emaciated.  He made a full recovery and even tested negative for Ehrlichia.   “Saluki International Rescue” placed him in a home with a greyhound and cats.  After settling in he began to pester the cats.  He is now looking for a new home.  He can not live with cats or dogs smaller then him,  less than 50 pounds.  A female sighthound companion would be ideal, but he can also be an only dog.  Liwan is a shy boy and can be skittish.  It will take an adopter who understand how to patiently teach him how good home life can be.  His new home should have someone who is home most of the time to give him lots of attention.   Because he can get spooked he will need a home without children.  As a young Saluki he really enjoys a good run, so a large yard would be a bonus.  Liwan will need to live in an experienced sighthound home.

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Odie Adopted! Brothers Odie and Jonah came to us on May 2 from Modesto, where their owner could no longer take care of them.  We think that they are greyhound/lab mixes, about 2 years old.
Odie is the more dominant of the two.  He is very outgoing and loves to give hugs.  Jonah is very timid and fearful of new people and noises, but is very sweet.  These boys should definitely go into different homes; without Odie’s dominance, we think that Jonah will blossom over time.  Those of you who have had shy dogs know how rewarding it is to watch these dogs gain confidence and trust.
They were neutered on May 5, so we’re still in the process of watching their interactions with other dogs, especially the little ones, in the pack.  We will also be doing cat testing this week and next.
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Adopted!  Jonah came to us on May 2 from Modesto, where his owner could no longer take care of him.  Jonah is very timid and fearful of new people and noises, but is very sweet.   He will need a quiet home and a patient adopter.  Those of you who have had shy dogs know how rewarding it is to watch these dogs gain confidence and trust.  DNA test showed that he is 37% greyhound and a mix of other breeds.  Jonah gets along with other dogs and has done well in cat testing.
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Adopted!  Hunter is a sweet, senior boy who gets along with other dogs.  He is looking for a new home due to his owners illness.  Hunter likes to take walks, but will require a home with few stairs.  Hunter is not safe with cats.  He just turned 12 years old.

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Adopted!  Bobby is looking for a new home because of his owners illness.  He needs to be an only dog due to his space possessiveness.  He like taking walks and pretty much ignores the others dogs he sees at a distance.  Bobby just turned 12 years old.  He is not safe with cats.

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Adopted! Pip is a three-year old male greyhound mix.   He is very sweet and affectionate.  Pip’s ideal home will have a large yard and another medium to large dog to run around and play with.   He should not live with small dogs or cats.

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