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//Available dogs


Asha is a 1 year old Saluki /Greyhound mix from Dubai.  She is a playful, affectionate girl who enjoys the companionship of others.  Asha has the energy of a puppy and can be “busy” girl.  She is a smart girl and quickly learned how to use the doggie door in her foster home.   Walks can still be a bit scary, loud sounds including barking dogs, make her nervous.  Asha needs to live in a home with another dog.   Her ideal home will have someone home the majority of the time.  While in Dubai she briefly stayed in a foster home with a cat and did well with it.
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 Gabby is estimated to be 1 year old.  She is small greyhound, around 50 pounds.  She came to us from Korea this past fall.   This youngster is very sweet and affectionate but still has many things that she still needs to learn.  She can be jumpy and mouthy and needs some leash work.  Obedience training will be important for her.  Lots of exercise will make this pup a happy pup.
She get along well with dogs and did fine in her cat testing.  Keep in mind she will want to play with the kitty and will need some guidance so she doesn’t get too excited.
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We brought Mickey in from Korea. He was in a shelter with an injured left rear leg – it had probably been caught in a trap. He was also heartworm positive. He was placed in a foster home in Korea while his leg healed and he got through his heartworm treatment. He then came to GFFL, where he has been in a foster home.   Because his leg was cut off below the knee, we took him to the Sacramento VCA to see if he would be a candidate for a prosthesis. The surgeon said yes, so he was fitted with one. Mickey is a very sweet and affectionate boy, but is not safe around small dogs or cats. He lived peacefully with another large dog in Korea. He has gotten along OK with the other large dogs at the foster house, although his play style is exuberant. 

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Rayhan is a 4 year old male Saluki from Dubai.  He was in a foster home in Dubai before he came here where he lived with cats.  He has been in a foster home here and gets along with the other three dogs (2 Salukis, 1 greyhound) in the home.  Based on his experience with cats in Dubai, we would say that he is cat workable with an indoor only cat who is dog savvy and won’t run from him.  This lovely boy is very affectionate and playful and should do well with kids.  Rayhan has been diagnosed with renal disease and is on the Royal Canin renal kibble.  He will need to be on this life-long.  GFFL can help with the costs of this special diet and the supplements that he is on.

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Casey is a 2-3 year old boy who was brought to GFFL from the Placer County shelter in early 2019.  Although he had some physical characteristics of a greyhound (mainly the brindle coat), a DNA test showed 62.5% Belgian Malinois, 12.5% Doberman, 12.5% Border Collie, and 12.5% Herding/Hound.  After we had him for a couple of months, he had several petite mal seizures, and we started him on a low dose of phenobarbital.  He has not had any seizures not for several months.
Casey is an affectionate, playful dog who needs an active family who will take him for walks and play ball with him.  Getting him into an agility or nosework class would also be great for him.

Casey has done well in cat testing.  

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