B.E.S.T. Fund

In the early days of GFFL, between 1,500 and 2,000 greyhounds were fostered at Barbara Eineichner’s ranch in Gilroy.  In addition to providing care for the dogs coming from the tracks, she was devoted to the older and special-needs greyhounds.   Because of this, our Sanctuary Sponsor program was renamed B.E.S.T., the Barbara Eineichner Sighthound Trust program.

Once greyhounds get into the rescue system, most find a wonderful “forever” home with new adoptive parents. Others, however, may require special help and sanctuary from Greyhound Friends for Life’s (GFFL) BEST program.

GFFL makes a life-time commitment to all greyhounds that come into our organization. GFFL provides care for returned greyhounds as well as those from other situations where our intervention is needed. Unfortunately, some dogs are not easily adoptable because of advanced age or serious medical problems. Although the long-term foster dogs live in a home environment with their foster parents, expenses are paid by GFFL. At any given time, we may have between 12 and 18 dogs receiving some level of support from the program.  In 2013, the BEST Fund provided over $15,000.00 in support of the long-term foster dogs in the program.   As veterinary expenses mount year after year, so does our need for funds to support this program.

How can you help? Sign up to sponsor a long-term foster greyhound! The BEST program is an opportunity for GFFL friends who have room in their hearts, but not in their homes, to make a tremendous difference through sponsorship.

You can complete the form, select a payment plan, and mail the form and your check to the address on the form. For those who would prefer to use GFFL’s PayPal account, complete the sponsor form on-line and submit a PayPal payment.
These donations are tax deductible and go a long way to ensuring that every GFFL greyhound is guaranteed a home – for life.


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Giving Back to Greyhound Friends for Life – Setting up a Living Trust

Giving Back to Greyhound Friends for Life – Setting up a Living Trust By Kathie Matsuyama

In August 2009, Paul and I were desperate. We drove 350 miles from Nipomo (on California’s Central Coast) to the Greyhound Friends for Life foster facility in Auburn, in search of a new addition to our greyhound family. We are seasoned greyhound rescuers and retired racer advocates of more than a dozen years. We had just lost a most unusual addition to our greyhound pack, an AKC champion greyhound, born in Australia, rescued from a most horrific situation, and given a forever home with the Matsuyama’s greyhounds. Paul and I were mourning the loss of Fallon, but even more, retired racer Bebe was missing her best friend. Immediate action was needed. In Auburn, Paul was especially drawn to the uber-playful, red brindle with the parrot nose and an amazing overbite, Trini Tortellini. We adopted her on sight and drove her 350 miles south to her new home on the Central Coast.

During her first two months, Trini ate her leather collar (except for the metal buckle and her dog tags) and she ingested a good portion of my expensive Dooney and Bourke briefcase! Goofy and funny, she grabs her entire dog bed with her teeth and shakes it when she’s excited. Trini stares directly and intently into your eyes when she wants to get your attention. Every morning, she eats a half a slice of avocado (I’m teaching her to roo “Avocado”!). Trini is a giggle a day, a snuggle in bed in the morning reading the paper with a cup of tea, the wet nose in the back of the knee to remind me we need to go for a walk ASAP, the face in the front window intently watching me pull weeds, and the loudest roo with Dad in the morning.

The immeasurable joy Trini Tortellini has brought to our lives, the ability of a dog to fill the seemingly inconsolable bottomless grief-hole after the loss of a very special dog, reminded us how special greyhound dogs have been in our lives. We are so grateful for the incredible work of Greyhound Friends for Life. So Paul and I took the simple step of providing for GFFL by naming Greyhound Friends for Life as a beneficiary in our living trust. Setting aside a portion of our estate for GFFL was easy. Ask your Financial Planner or Attorney how to do so. If you don’t have a will or a living trust, and you have loved ones, especially kids and/or greyhound dogs, please don’t gamble with their fates and your estate! Make it a priority and make an appointment today!

Paul says, “I feel fulfilled knowing we are helping support an organization that gave us this amazing dog. Setting aside a portion of our estate is the least we can do when they have given us the priceless gift of such a wonderful retired racing greyhound dog.”

We would like to encourage all adopters and friends of Greyhound Friends for Life to consider the simple act of giving back to this great organization by providing for GFFL in your will or living trust.


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