Odie Adopted! Brothers Odie and Jonah came to us on May 2 from Modesto, where their owner could no longer take care of them.  We think that they are greyhound/lab mixes, about 2 years old.
Odie is the more dominant of the two.  He is very outgoing and loves to give hugs.  Jonah is very timid and fearful of new people and noises, but is very sweet.  These boys should definitely go into different homes; without Odie’s dominance, we think that Jonah will blossom over time.  Those of you who have had shy dogs know how rewarding it is to watch these dogs gain confidence and trust.
They were neutered on May 5, so we’re still in the process of watching their interactions with other dogs, especially the little ones, in the pack.  We will also be doing cat testing this week and next.