Adopting a Greyhound

Prior to the adoption interview, you will want to research the breed to find out if it is the right type of dog for you and your family.  A good resource is “Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies” by Lee Livingood.

You must have landlord approval for a large dog if you rent

***If you have a yard, it must be completely and securely fenced (fence should be a minimum of 5’ tall)

Things You Should Know

Your greyhound will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to adoption.

Your greyhound will also have had testing done for heartworm, valley fever and tick diseases.  We will start the monthly heartworm medication and maintain the dog on this until adoption.

Your greyhound will come with a regular collar that has a Greyhound Friends for Life tag and a tag with microchip information, a martingale collar, and a 4-foot leash. You will want to get an additional tag with your contact information.  Retractable leashes and tie-outs are giant “no-no’s” for a dog who can reach full speed in 3 strides.

If the adoption doesn’t work out or if you ever have to give your greyhound up, he/she must come back to GFFL.


The Adoption Process

1. Application

Fill out the online application and click on the “Submit” button.  (link of online form here)

To be certain we don’t miss any applications, please be sure you receive an email acknowledgement shortly after you have clicked on the “Submit” button.  If you don’t receive this acknowledgement, please send an email to Barbara Judson at

You can also print it and fax or mail it to GFFL.WaytonDU5R0669

Mail to: Greyhound Friends For Life
P.O. Box 549
Fulton, CA  95439-8861

Fax to: 707-791-7999

2. Interview

After we receive the application, a representative will call within 48 hours.  The information from this interview will help us find a dog or dogs that we think will be a good match for you and your family.  It is also an opportunity to ask questions about the breed, the organization, and what to expect when you bring a dog home.

3.  Home Visit

If a greyhound seems to be the right breed for you, we will schedule a home visit.   We will be looking at yard safety, potential hazards in the home and yard, fence height, etc.  Our representatives are not there to judge your house-keeping skills – promise!  GFFL places dogs with families who live in Northern CA.

4. Meeting the “Right” Greyhound

Once the home visit is completed and any issues are corrected, you will be invited to come to the adoption facility in Horace Rawiszer 3-1Windsor or to meet with a dog in a foster home.  It is in everyone’s best interest if the greyhound and all other family members (including children, other dogs, cats, and other critters) all get along.  It is also important to have a dog who is compatible with your lifestyle. GFFL does not necessarily “pick” the dog for you, but we will introduce you to a dog or dogs who will best fit your situation. This does mean that you may be denied the adoption of a particular dog if we think that there are potential compatibility issues.

5. Completing the Adoption

After a compatible dog is found, the adoption is finalized by completing an adoption contract.  There is an adoption fee of $300.00 that partially covers the transport, neuter/spay, vaccinations, disease testing, worming, medications, and care of the dog until adoption.

Starting January 1, 2020.  The adoption fee for the US dogs will remain at $300 the dogs we bring in from overseas will be $400.

In the adoption contract, you agree, among other things, to the following:

  • your greyhound will be an indoor household companion
  • your greyhound will not be allowed off leash in an unfenced or otherwise unsecured area
  • if, for any reason, you are no longer able/willing to keep your greyhound, the dog will be returned to GFFL and never given to another person or shelter
  • if the greyhound has behavioral issues, you will contact GFFL for advice and recommendations for greyhound-savvy trainers.

6. Follow-up

A GFFL representative will call you during the first few weeks following adoption to see how the transition to a home is going and to see if there are any concerns or questions that need addressing.  We will follow up periodically after the initial adjustment period.  If you should have any questions, problems, or concerns regarding your greyhound after adoption, please call or email us.  We’re here to make the adoption as successful as we can.

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